Play your best golf feature player – Katy Tansley


    This week I would like to feature Katy Tansley, a frequent visitor to Chestermere who regularly shreds up and down the lake on her water ski. I had the pleasure to tee it up with Katy and a couple other friends last week at Lakeside Greens. It was one of this summer’s great days, which we seem to be having on a continuing basis, and no doubt this has been the best summer for golf in a long long time!

    Katey started golfing when she was 12 years old and was taught by her father, an avid golfer from in Burnaby BC. Katy learned to play most sports but golf seemed to really click for her. Three years ago she had her best score of 81 from the white tees at Elbow Springs! Katy has played all over the world including Wales, Spain, Costa Rica and perhaps her fave, Thailand.

    Playing with Katy, I found her drives exceptionally long and her putting superb. Fairway shots and bunkers were not so great. The problem was, Katey was lifting up through impact trying to help get the ball in the air and then falling back at the finish, as seen in the photo. This works great for teed up drivers but not for shots you need to hit down on and take a divot or when splashing the sand.

    Katy has a great set up and good hands from all her years of playing sports. Katy just needs to hit down on her fairway shots, taking a divot, to improve her game and stay in those low eighties or perhaps high seventies. Hitting down on the ball will get the ball up in the air and provide consistent solid contact. Moving her weight forward through impact will achieve that along with finishing up on her back toe which will go a long way toward…playing Her best golf….and yours!