Carbon Tax coverup

The House of Commons will soon be wrapping up for the summer. Even though we’re getting close to the end of the session here in Ottawa, there’s still a lot going on.

I’m sure you have all been hearing a lot about trade. My Opposition colleagues and I are deeply concerned about this issue and its potential impacts on Canadians. We are urging the government to show leadership and get this matter resolved as soon as possible.

The carbon tax is the other issue that we have been devoting a lot of attention to. The carbon tax is like a hidden sales tax on everything. It will make everyday life less affordable for all of us while doing nothing to help the environment.

The Liberals have included the carbon tax in their 2018 budget, which we are being asked to vote on. But here’s the catch: we don’t actually know what it will cost you and your family.

The Liberals know what the carbon tax will cost – they simply won’t tell us. Multiple access to information requests have been returned with the numbers blacked out. The Liberals did admit that gasoline prices will go up by at least 11¢ a litre, and that the cost of heating one’s home will increase by over $200. However, they will not tell us the overall cost to an average Canadian family. They want parliament to vote on a budget without revealing key information about its consequences.

Even though the Liberals refuse to be transparent with Canadians on the cost of the carbon tax, we do have estimates from other sources. The Parliamentary Budget Officer released a report which found that the carbon tax will take $10 billion out of the Canadian economy by 2022. Other estimates argue the cost could be as much as $35 billion per year.

With the election of Premier Doug Ford in Ontario, we now have our most populous province against the carbon tax. Saskatchewan is also opposed, and I hope that Alberta will soon join the club under a new UCP government. The tide is really turning against the Liberals’ plan, which might explain why they are refusing to release the numbers. It’s simply time for them to cancel this carbon tax. If they do not, our first act as a Conservative government will be to cancel this devastating tax.

Fortunately, the 2019 election is right around the corner.

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Martin Shields

Martin Shields

Martin Shields is the Member of Parliament for the Bow River riding, Alberta. Martin has been living in Brooks with his family for 38 years and is committed to the success and quality of the community. Martin serves as Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party’s Alberta Caucus, and as a member of the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development.

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