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    MLA report June 14

    Hello Chestermere! To all who celebrate Ramadan, and as you head towards Eid al-Fitr (June 15 marks the end of Ramadan this year) I wish that happiness and joy find you and fill your house. I have been honoured with several invitations to Iftar, where the community gathers at sundown to break their fast and spend some time together. Thank you for inviting me to break your fasts with you and your families.  Ramadan Mubarak! Also thank you to the organizers of Senior’s Week, and thank you for inviting me to the closing “Taste of Chestermere”.  It was an honour to be asked to provide grace and to spend some time with you this week as well.  I would also like to thank all the participants in Lemonade Day.  As the sun shined brightly on our young business men and women, I am sure I drank my weight in yummy lemonade and I ate my way to a massive sugar high, munching on lemon-red velvet cupcakes, and cookies with lemon zest and coconut.  What a treat, and honestly it is as much fun seeing the proud parents jumping up and down on the road stopping traffic to come in and try their child’s lemony concoction, as it was speaking to the kids who are learning how to become entrepreneurs.  This is the fabric of Alberta.  This is the kind of strength, resilience, competition and innovation that has built this beautiful province of ours.  I have been reading all the articles surrounding the G7 Summit and the surrounding talks with respect to tariffs and the NAFTA agreements.  I have different opinions about some of the decisions and the impressions of the meetings, but more importantly I would like to recommend some articles that I believe articulate the various sides of the discussion, one that all of us should try to have with our families around the kitchen table. 

    The first article is one in the Financial post that defends the President’s decision to protect the United States interests by Lawrence Solomon

    Lawrence Solomon: Mad at Trump’s tariffs? They’re a better idea than you think

    The title is interesting but the most interesting part is when Mr. Solomon speaks about the automotive industry stating that the tariffs on cars from Europe have small 2.5% tariffs coming into the USA, but the EU (European Union) puts high 10% tariffs on American vehicles going to Europe.  Is this fair? Mr. Solomon points out that a little more than a century ago governments relied on tariffs, not income taxes, for their revenues. This kept governments lean.  To loosely quote the article, the idea presented speaks to the idea of reciprocal, equal tariffs with ideally the EU needing to reduce its tariff to that of the USA.  This would give Americans better access to the EU market.  If the US raised their tariff to 10% it would stimulate more domestic production and European carmakers would be forced to lower their prices to compete.  Interesting isn’t it?  Please read the article if you have a minute, as it is well written and whether or not you agree with the philosophy it is good to see this perspective.  On the flip side ABC News Net put out a scathing article on the President’s behavior and the resulting accusations of destroying trust, and the “polarizing statements”.  There are many statements attacking our government, and how unfair proposed tariffs are on the American people.  The G7 ended with our Prime Minister saying there would be retaliatory measures due to American tariffs on steel and aluminum. 

    Another great read from the Calgary Herald:

    'Very twisted': Alberta dairy industry finds itself in the crosshairs of Trump's trade blast

    brings to light the point of view of Alberta’s dairy farmers.  The question MRU Professor Duane Bratt asks in the article is “How do you negotiate with someone like Donald Trump?” Again, this is very interesting and definitely worth a conversation.

    As you know, in the next election you will be voting in the new Constituency of Chestermere-Strathmore. The first step occurs Thursday June 14 7 PM at the Strathmore Legion with the Founding General Meeting of the UCP Constituency Association. UCP members will be voting in the new volunteer Executive and Directors who will work to ensure victory in the next election. This will be followed by the Nomination. I am running as to be candidate in the new riding. Please come out to the AGM on the 14th. If you are not yet a UCP member please join me tomorrow at the Dockside Pub at Chestermere Landing (Tuesday, June 12, 6-8 PM) and we would be happy to sign you up. If you cannot make it to the Dockside call my team at 587-429-6465. Remember, you must be a UCP member to participate in the General Meeting and the Nomination and youth 14+ can also join and learn to flex their political muscles. Thank you so much to all of you for your incredible support. Together we will bring a new common-sense government back to Alberta in 2019. It is a true privilege to be your MLA.