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  • MLA report November 22

    Hello Chestermere

    The world needs more Canadian energy.

    Did you know that we have the best environmental policies on earth? We produce the most ethical, incredible energy products in the world.

    Are we such poor storytellers that we are not collectively able to tell our story, a compelling story that rises above shrill activist opposition, and thoughtless government policy to help lift public opinion about ourselves, our resources…our lifeblood…our energy heartbeat.

    The technical language surrounding our beautiful natural I suppose does not lead us to that warm and fuzzy place, or are we just not telling the story the right way because we are caught, in fact we are stuck in concepts and we forget about conscience.

    Why do you think opposition grew and gained momentum to our oil and gas industry?  And a better question, who do you think should be developing natural resources and getting them to countries with burgeoning middle classes… to help those countries out of energy poverty and to help build strong economies here and abroad?

    Why is the story around the science not told in a way that elevates us as a people…that the industry is good, and that we are good…facts are good.

    Our magnificent natural resources, our trees, our mountains…that is foundational, and these things bring meaning to our lives bring prosperity to our families, and bring us together as a nation.

    This is more than lobbying this is about our lives.  When we lack an authentic way to speak about ourselves, the world sees that.  The world is watching governments in this country handcuff their own people.

    The world is watching as people grow tired of a fight, one that they should not need to fight, for something that belongs to us… something that represents freedom, social stability, compassion, authenticity and has created the world we live in now.

    The regressive language that is used against our own energy sector, and the people who work in the energy sector is unacceptable. Why would we rather buy oil from our biggest competitor, and worse from places like Saudi Arabia that simply murder people who get in the way of their own ideology like the horrible murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

    Why are we not telling a story, a national story of connection, how resources have brought us together as a country and as a nation.  Why are we not building up our nation at a time where creating pipeline infrastructure means something bigger!  We could be building the morale of a country through claiming what is ours and being to so proud of the product that you are filled with joy at the opportunity to help seed growth and prosperity. The keep it in the ground and no more pipelines legislation that is set in motion causes the inability to produce and market ourselves in the global market.

    We should be so proud of our natural resources and our incredible responsible resource development.

    When are the words I love Alberta going to truly mean something, and when will we hear those words from the governments that say they represent us? We are tired of being called names, and we are desperate for the world to see us as we see ourselves, and I hope one day to see that love that I feel reflected in the eyes of the governments who are the decision makers.

    I have several energy heroes that I stand beside every day.  Please read the articles and information from the incredible Vivian Krause.  She is standing up for our industry everyday with grace, common sense and intellect as she follows the money of who fund the campaigns to landlock Alberta oil.  She is standing up!  My other hero, Cody Battershill who fights everyday for our incredible energy industry, and as he says, “Natural resources is a great story, and all of us should be telling it.”  As always we love to hear from you.