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  • MLA report October 4

    Hello Chestermere! I am sure like me you are wondering where our summer went, and I am sad to report that when I was door knocking in Edmonton, there were snow flakes!  I was a private music teacher in Chestermere for 21 years, and I have seen this beautiful place grow and become a bustling medium sized city.  The elections for provincial and federal representatives will be just around the corner, and you will see more and more people at your door asking for your vote in the upcoming elections.  I know it is tiresome to have all of us at your doors, and calling and the insane amount of emails, but it is magnificent to be a part of democracy.  I feel truly blessed that I may have the chance to represent you again.  This edition of our weekly Anchor is going to be fairly intense, but I have a lot to say I will put all the articles in that inspired this week’s article.  I’m sure you are aware that Tzeporah Berman was invited to speak at an Alberta Teachers Association meeting.  She was hired to speak by the people who will then continue on to teach our children, so as Licia Corbella said it best in the Calgary Herald (https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/corbella-tzeporah-berman-better-get-her-facts-straight-before-she-talks-to-ata ) we must check the facts of the people who are invited in to speak.  One of the most interesting things that Berman wanted to speak about is how places like China want to be at 100 percent renewables, but interestingly enough, China, along with Japan, Germany, and other countries are pulling expensive subsidies, and are heading back to coal and especially natural gas as they try and keep energy costs under control for the citizens they represent.  There is so much misinformation, and if I had the space, I could go on, but we will continue this conversation in future articles.  Please read the above article as the numbers are quite telling and it is very well written.

    I must speak out against the Federal Governments decision to support Corrections Canada in sending convicted murderess Terri-Lynne McClintic (who murdered 8 year old Tori Stafford after she was repeatedly raped and terrorized by her boyfriend Michael Rafferty) to a healing lodge. 

    The details of this horrific crime, the disgusting nature of how it was carried out, and the guilty 18 year old woman who allowed it to happen is well documented.  McClintic lured this innocent little girl into the car with the promises of seeing a puppy. Tori was then raped and terrorized, kicked, bludgeoned and beat to death by McClintic along with her partner Rafferty. 

    This is a very benign version of the actual events that this little one endured.  Did you know that McClinitc, now after nine years in a medium-high security prison is being sent to a “healing lodge”?  These are alternatives to regular prisons. 

    The purpose of these lodges while I’m sure the intention is good is supposed to reduce recidivism or offending again, although there is no clear proof that this actually is the case.  McClinitc murdered an 8 year old child, was given the longest sentence possible under Canadian laws, and is now moving to a condo like system with privileges that she does not deserve. 

    This is absolutely disgusting!  How is justice being served?  How can the Federal government stand by and allow this to happen?  Why are they not going into the relevant departments to determine how this happened and get this murderer back behind bars?  Did you know that Tori’s devastated family must relive this horror over and over again.  The have to relive the despicable details as they fight to have their daughter’s murderer put in jail where she belongs! 

    Here is what the feds are saying: It would not be appropriate to “interfere with Corrections Canada” (https://nationalpost.com/opinion/np-view-will-no-one-in-canadas-government-demand-justice-for-tori-stafford). 

    This article is a must read to understand the state of our federal justice system and you deserve answers.  All of us are at risk when a little 8 year old girl can be subjected to this kind of torture and death, and then the Liberal public safety minister is just going to sit there and do nothing to hold this agency accountable!  We cannot let this happen, and if there ever was a time to write the Federal Liberals, now is that time!

    This last article is very graphic.  Please know this before reading the account of Tori’s death.  (https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2012/03/14/tori_stafford_murder_trial_terrilynne_mcclintic_describes_killing_little_girl.html).

    These were not “bad practices” as Minister Goodale said. This was a planned, deliberate, and vicious crime.

    As always we love to hear from you.