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  • Leela Aheer elected to represent Chestermere-Strathmore riding

    Leela Aheer elected to represen

    Leela Aheer

    With more than 13,000 votes, the former MLA of Chestermere- Rocky View, Leela Aheer is now MLA for the new Chestermere-Strathmore riding.

    Leading up to the election polls closing on April 16, Aheer continued to door knock, and engage with the community.

    “It’s about really-really connecting with people, and making sure I earned their vote,” Aheer said.

    She added while door knocking every person who said they would vote blue pushed her harder to go to another 100 houses before the voting stations closed.

    “It was pretty amazing. I can’t believe the support, I’m touched,” Aheer said.

    “The most beautiful part of an election is that you get to touch base with people, you get to look them in the eyes, and spend time with them,” she added.

    Currently, Aheer is focusing on education within the Chestermere-Strathmore riding, overcrowding in schools by advocating for a school in Langdon, growing a healthy economy, and bringing in more job opportunities.

    Aheer’s responsibility is to fight on behalf of the Langdon school, other infrastructure issues, and consult with municipal leaders to find out what their needs are.

    “It will be really engaging, I’m looking forward to it,” Aheer said.

    Although Aheer won the majority of votes, she had many challenges to overcome throughout her campaign, such as negative comments and character assassinations.

    Aheer added she is prepared to stand up against policy issues any day, but she will not go after people for something they have done in their past.

    Once Aheer was elected she began to work for every single person in the riding, whether they voted for her or not.

    “My job in this community is to be the best solution for as many people as I can be, and that they feel comfortable to come and talk to me.

    “If I put up barriers and boundaries because they are concerned about my ideology; I do them a disservice,” Aheer said.

    Without the support of the community, and the motivation from volunteers, Aheer’s re-election wouldn’t have been possible.

    Aheer added she wouldn’t have reached this point without the people who have dedicated their time to the campaign.

    “I wouldn’t have had this opportunity or this chance without the incredibly beautiful human beings that give up their time because they believe in something bigger,” Aheer said.

    “This has been such an incredible experience,” she added.