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  • Preparing for winter driving conditions

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    Chestermere drivers could prepare for winter road conditions during the second annual Jiffy Lube Winter Readiness Vehicle Check on Nov. 30. Throughout the day, technicians checked tires, tire pressure, fluid, windshield wiper blades, air filters, and seatbelts to ensure drivers are ready for the winter roads. This winter, Chestermere Peace Officer Shawn Press encourages drivers to drive to the road conditions, avoid distracted driving, and always wear a seatbelt no matter how short the distance traveled. Photo by Emily Rogers

    Chestermere residents got winter-ready during the second annual Jiffy Lube Winter Readiness Vehicle Check on Nov. 30.

    “We’re offering a free check, such as tires, tire pressure, wiper blades, fluid, air filters, and seatbelt checks just to make sure everything is in running condition,” said Jiffy Lube Regional Manager Ali Bhaye.

    This year, Event Coordinator and Chestermere Peace Officer Shawn Press saw more community-involvement with the Winter Readiness Vehicle Check, due to additional marketing.

    “Last year we found that people were coming in because they needed to, then hearing about the event last minute and they were absolutely enthused,” Press said.

    However, this year, residents were walking in the door before the event; they knew it was happening because they heard about it last year and wanted to be a part of it this year, he added.

    To prevent collisions this winter, it’s vital that commuters drive to the winter-road conditions, have winter tires, slow down when it’s snowing, and avoid distracted driving.

    “I commute every day, and unfortunately, I see quite often people forget that when it’s cold sometimes it’s icy and they go flying past me the same as they would on a July summer road,” Press said.

    With the growing interest in the Winter Ready Program, Chestermere Peace Officer’s and Jiffy Lube will continue the Winter Readiness Vehicle Check again next year.

    “We’re going to continue to do this event every year, and each year hopefully it gets bigger and brighter,” Press added. “We encourage the community to come out and support local business.”

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