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  • SNC Lavalin scandal continues to escalate

    This past week, Jane Philpott and Jody Wilson-Raybould were removed from Liberal caucus. This is yet another escalation in the SNC Lavalin scandal that has engulfed the Trudeau Government in recent weeks.

    Both Wilson-Raybould and Philpott have been clear: they believe that if the Prime Minister had accepted responsibility and apologized, this situation would not have spiraled out-of-control in the way it did. Instead, the Prime Minister denied involvement and spent weeks trying to coverup his actions. He shutdown investigations into the scandal and refused to fully waive solicitor-client and cabinet privilege so that Wilson-Raybould could reveal the truth.

    By enabling the coverup and ultimately supporting Wilson-Raybould and Philpott’s removal from caucus, Liberal Members of Parliament have shown where they stand. They claim to be upset about Wilson-Raybould taping a damning conversation with former PCO Clerk Micheal Wernick. But they are upset about the wrong thing. They are upset about how the truth came out, not what the truth is.

    Elected officials are supposed to protect individuals who blow the whistle on government misconduct and corruption, not punish them. We now know that the Liberal Party of Canada will kick people out for simply telling the truth.

    The Prime Minister promised “sunny ways” and transparent government. The SNC Lavalin affair is just the latest and most dramatic proof that he has delivered neither.

    If you voted for Justin Trudeau because you believed that he would do things differently, if you believe that speaking truth to power should be rewarded, not punished, there is a place for you in the Conservative Party of Canada. The 2019 election is right around the corner.

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