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  • MLA report – July 20

    Congratulations to all Albertans!  We are the first province in Canada to lift all health restrictions and fully reopen the economy for all families and businesses because of your diligence. Brighter days are definitely ahead.

    I want to let you know that I am here to stay. I am a founding member of the United Conservative Party, a movement that saw so many diverse and divided conservatives and amazing Albertans come together to provide this province with hope and prosperity.  Our value lies in our diversity no matter where you come from, the colour of your skin, who you pray to, or who you love. 

    I want to thank the Premier for the privilege of serving the people of Alberta; there is no greater privilege than serving the interests of the people who elected me to govern. I am humbled and full of gratitude and pride for the many accomplishments in our ministry, and I wish the new ministers great success as they begin their work.

    I intend to continue to work hard on behalf of my constituents and all people in Alberta.

    Resilience is in our blood, passion is in our hearts, and we don’t sit on the sidelines; we get to work.

    As always, we love to hear from you.

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