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  • Seniors update: Programs and services

    As we turn the calendar to September, back to school, harvesting the garden, let’s look into the fun of the 32nd Annual Chestermere Country Fair on Saturday September 11, what with the Red Ribbon Competition and the Zucchini Car Races and so much more. Hope to see you there.


    There currently 18 active cases in Chestermere. Please get vaccinated as soon as possible. Almost all current cases requiring hospitalization and in community are from non vaccinated Albertans. If you have questions please speak to your Clinic nurse or Family Physician or Nurse Practitioner to get answers. As we are in the fourth wave of this pandemic, we must be mindful of our whole community’s wellbeing and prevent the spread of the delta variant. Wash your hands, cover your nose and mouth when you are in confined spaces and get vaccinated please. Our front line fire, health and police are reaching a burnout level and so we must all do our part to prevent spread.

    Check out the CRPCN.ca website to see what great courses we are offering this fall both in person and virtually. Craving Change, starting September 15, with our very own nurse Kim Gordon-Krushnell teaching, covering emotional eating and techniques to add to your tool box. Happiness Basics is another great program that runs in High River starting September 14 for 7 weeks, or in Chestermere virtually for 4 weeks in January 2022. Others include: DBT Training starting Sept. 9th, Cardiac Health virtually in October 6th, Senior’s Learn to Move in October. Check out and register online for these free programs offered through your local CRPCN.

    As the start of the School year gets underway, please be mindful of washing hands, wearing a mask when necessary, and aware of the common sense health needs to prevent Covid. Our swab sites and Vaccine sites remain active the Kinniborough Health Clinic in Chestermere. Please book appointments through the AHS website.

    Please get your Senior’s Resource Handbook from the Library, drugstores, City Town Hall, or Synergy. You may have had one delivered to your door by Synergy in a recent delivery. Thank you Synergy for contributing in our community.

    Seniors Supports, Programs and Services

    How can we help? Are you facing challenges in your day to day life, or having difficulties in navigating systems while looking for information for yourself or other family members. Perhaps filling out Government forms is overwhelming, maybe you would like to just sit and chat a while. We are here for you. The last eighteen months have taken a huge toll on us all and we want to make sure that we can help you to access, what you really need.

    We are happy to meet you in a location convenient to you (Please note we are unable to do home visits). What ever your needs, please contact Sharron Matthewman, Seniors & Community Development Facilitator at 403-207- 7050 or email smatthewman@chestermere.ca 

    SAVE THE DATE – International Day of Older Persons October 01
    Watch this space for exciting information.

    Chestermere Coalition for Seniors

    It was wonderful to meet with Senior’s Coalition in person outside at John Peake Park this past week. We had a great discussion around seniors housing needs in the community and aging in place. We plan to meet September 15th at 1:30pm in John Peake Park. Hope to see you then. Come out, bring your lawn chair and favorite beverage and contribute to the voice of seniors in Chestermere.

    Please contact Leslie.racz@crpcn.ca for updates or enquiries.


    We have Senior’s Resource Handbooks available at the meeting and in the library, please pick yours up or take one for a neighbor. You can access these books by emailing Leslie @ leslie.racz@crpcn.ca or contact Sharron Matthewman, on 403-207- 7050 at the City of Chestermere. 

    Armchair Travel 

    Armchair Travel is one of the most wonderful ways to look into our fantastic, vast world and learn as much as our hearts desire. We can travel to some of our favorite places without leaving home.  Through videos, pod casts, books and music and numerous other ways, we can go to places we have never seen, or only ever dreamed of. This way of travelling, is a delightful pastime and is good for the imagination and soul. After all, we are curious individuals and have a thirst for knowledge!

    Ready? Let’s take a look at Jasper, originally a railway town. Located along the Athabasca river, at 11,228 square kilometres (4,335 square miles), Jaspers National Park, is also Canada’s largest park in the Rocky Mountains. From breath taking scenery, pathways and trails to the Columbia Icefields, where you can ride the Ice Explorer or walk the Icefield Skywalk. These unique experiences will leave you mystified by the geological marvel. You will not find a more magical part of the world!  With travel still being  an issue, at least here is a place where we don’t need a passport. Alberta our home, our playground!

    Let’s go!

    To prepare for our trip, please follow the steps for a relaxing journey. Step 1 – Pour yourself a cup of tea or your favorite tipple, Step 2- kick off your shoes, Step 3 – pull up a comfy chair, ready? let’s go!

    Please note that there may be averts at the beginning or during videos.

    Icefields Parkway Must See Highlights | Top Stops and Driving Tour 2020 | Alberta Canada

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0XBYI2zKNg 14:39 mins

    Columbia Icefield Skywalk, Icefields Parkway – Jasper National Park, Alberta, Canada Travel

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bjbQA_QVcbE  8:07 mins

    The Top 15 Sights in Jasper National Park https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6E2j8Ao_igk 7:21 mins

    Tips for seniors in Banff & Jasper https://www.banffjaspercollection.com/canadian-rockies/stories/six-tips-for-seniors-in-banff-and-jasper/

    Take care and stay safe,
    Leslie & Sharron