A change of lighting is a simple way to make your home look fresh and bright

Are you looking to upgrade the lighting in your home but don’t know where to begin?

Lighting may seem like a small aspect of a room, but when chosen correctly, it can bring a feeling of comfort to the space. You may not even be aware of how to use different color temperature light bulbs to your advantage in your home. Learning what lights make your home look fresh and bright can also help attract buyers if you are deciding to sell your home.

Whether you are trying to style your current home or improve your home before selling, choosing different types of lighting and light bulbs can be a fun and simple way to customize your home! 

Common Color Temperature Light Bulbs 

If you have ever gotten a new lamp for your home and then went to pick light bulbs for it, you may have noticed how many options there are to choose from. It can be important to understand the differences between them so that you know which one will be best for the style of your home. Figuring out which ones you already have in your home can also be helpful in order to keep the lighting consistent throughout your home. The four common types of color temperature light bulbs are: 

  1. Soft White: – Warm yellow tint 
  2. Warm White: – Neutral yellow/white tint 
  3. Bright White: Neutral white/cool tint 
  4. Daylight: – Natural light cool/blue tint 

The cooler color temperature light bulbs promote energy, alertness, and best represent natural light. The warmer light bulbs have a more relaxing presence that may feel comfortable, especially during the evening hours.

Best Lighting for Selling 

Although you may have lighting preferences for your own home, when deciding to sell your home it may help to consider changing the lighting to appeal to buyers. Typical staging and listing photo light enhances the unique features of a seller’s home by resembling bright natural light that you may not currently use in your home. 

When getting the light in your home ready to sell you will want to keep it consistent throughout every room in the house as opposed to being able to choose the lighting based on each room’s style. It is best to take listing photos using the natural light from the windows so you can showcase the colors of the room accurately. 

If you find yourself needing more light, the cooler, neutral color temperature bulbs can help create the same affect. For showings, the neutral “warm white” and “cool white” temperature light bulbs are the most popular for a comforting and inviting look in your home. 

Choosing a color temperature light bulb that appears more yellow than these options can cause the buyers to perceive the house as older and out-of-date. Due to most showings taking place during the day, choosing a natural looking temperature light bulb and opening all the blinds and curtains can be a great way of creating an inviting cohesive look into your home. 

The “daylight” bulb is the most resembling of the natural light from outside if you do not want to go with one of the more neutral options.

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Michelle Eldjarnson

Michelle Eldjarnson

Michelle is the Broker at our local RE/MAX office right here in Chestermere (which she owns with 3 partners).
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