Finn’s Week


By 10 o’clock I’d been to two off leash dog parks. I’d stopped to have my photograph taken a couple of times, once by a big green fluffy dog and another one by the garden full of sunflowers. Then it was off to deliver items of clothing and trading cards for people who are handlers in Community Therapy Dogs Society and I got to meet some new dog friends. There are lots of dogs at the park that come over and greet me but to be perfectly honest, I prefer visiting with humans, especially the ones who carry water bottles and treats. When I do my cute sit and high-five them, they can’t resist handing out the goodies. Some people ask Mom if it’s okay and she usually says “yes” but today she decided I’d spent long enough with one man and I had to wear my leash for a bit.


Mom managed to find me a spot on the Bow River where I could wade in, have a drink and splash around. Aww, that was good.


I got to visit one of my very best human friends. Once when I visited her, I wasn’t on my best behavior and decided to clear up the kitchen counter of cakes that she’d left there. Now she knows all the things I like and has them ready when I arrive. Best of all are the head and back scratches that she gives me and today we sat outside in the shade which was really nice. It got really interesting for five minutes when an escaped chihuahua appeared across the street and Mom went off to relocate it with an owner.


Mom decided we needed stop at Starbucks. Yay! that means I get a puppachino. Yesterday was so hot, so we decided to find some shade to have our snack. We’re high up on a hill and there’s a breeze. There are lots of trees too so it’s nice and shady and good for sniffing. Another really hot day. Mom says these are the “Dog Days of Summer” when the temperatures get really high but I don’t think any of my dog friends like it so hot. The basement is my favourite place to beat the heat right now and I get to hang out there with my other human buddy.


There’s a man on our roof and making more noise than all the barking dogs in our street! We’ve been to the dog park in Strathmore today. Mom chatted to some of the dog parents. One wanted to know what kind of doodle I am. I’m a labradoodle but apparently, I look like a goldendoodle. Mom often calls me a dozydoodle (not sure why) or a pocket-follower. Now I do know why that is, pockets at the dog parks often have treats in them. We’re home now and I plan to take a long nap. It can be exhausting running with these young dogs. I’m nearly nine human years old which makes sixtythree in dog years and I prefer to mooch around these days.


Off to the doggy daycare today. I come here once a week and usually get to hang out with the same friends – dogs and humans. They’re a friendly bunch and good to hang out with some of the other dogs get to come here more than me and some even get to sleep here the night and oh boy, do I sleep well when I get home. Mom doesn’t know what I do here..what happens at daycare, stays at daycare! I’m looking forward to next week.


Mom’s grand-dogs visited today. One is younger than me and one is older but we all get well together. The older dog has been for sleepovers a few times, the puppy hasn’t and, for some reason which I haven’t worked out, she likes to chase balls around our backyard and to sit on Mom’s feet which is okay by me. The puppy is fairly crazy but starting to learn how to behave from us older dogs. It’s been a pretty good week and I think I can honestly say I have trained my humans well.

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