2012…Year of the Rose?

2011 was certainly a year to remember.

Our constituency continued its amazing growth, we had an outpouring of volunteerism and generosity to help deal with the social pains that came with that growth, and we finally convinced the provincial government to announce 4 desperately need schools for our kids. There was a record wind storm, a bumper crop for our area farmers, and we had one of our boys drafted 32nd overall in the NHL.

The world as a whole didn’t fare so well. The European debt crisis threatens to plunge the world back into recession. Our friends in the United States are becoming almost unrecognizable, teetering on the edge of financial disaster while adopting increasingly anti-business and anti-Canadian policies. The “Arab Spring” has been largely high jacked (particularly in Egypt) by extremist organizations intent on imposing theocratic and anti-Israel policies. Meanwhile, incredible disasters including the Japan earthquake and tsunami as well as the worst floods in Australia’s history, reminded us all of how fragile life can be.

But that’s the great thing about the holiday season. We can put the past behind us and start looking forward to our future in the coming new year.

2012 will be a crucial year for Alberta. Our continued record deficits have almost used up every cent of oil and gas savings since the 1970s. Doctors and nurses continue to flee Alberta to other provinces and the United States as the systemic culture of intimidation, which our new Premier broke her promise to call a public inquiry into, threatens to further destabilize a health care system on the brink. Billions of dollars in waste, pandering to special interest groups, and back room deals for transmission companies and other corporations, have virtually guaranteed higher costs for ratepayers and taxpayers.

We are quickly moving along the same road as our distressed friends in Europe and America.

This spring, 2012, Albertans have an opportunity to chart a new course as they choose between the 40-year old Redford PCs and Danielle Smith’s Wildrose Party (there are other parties of course, but it is pretty clear that these are the two with by far the best chance of forming government).

Albertans will have a chance to say no to continued PC deficits and yes to a sustainable financial future for ourselves and our children no matter what the world throws at us.

We’ll have the opportunity to put an end to the political backroom deals and say yes to pro-growth policies that don’t pick winners and losers based on the number of hours lobbied or dollars donated to the PC Party.

You’ll have the opportunity to say yes to a health care system that is run locally by doctors, nurses and community members, and no to a centralized super bureaucracy that is often used by PC politicians to queue jump, interfere and intimidate our health care workers.

Our province will finally have an opportunity to say yes to change that actually reflects the young, vibrant, entrepreneurial and family centered people we are, with leadership that doesn’t apologize for who we are or what we do.

In 2012, let’s begin a new chapter in the great story of Alberta. After 40 years, it’s time.

Merry Christmas and a happy 2012 to you and your family!

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