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  • Christmas Greetings

    This is my favourite time of the year. Christmas and New Year’s are just around the bend and everyone’s spirits seem to rise just a little higher. Whether it’s sharing a cup of hot chocolate at the bonfire on the Lake, attending the different events at the Recreation Centre, bidding at Christmas with Dignity auctions, decorating gingerbread houses, seeing neighbourhoods lit up in every colour imaginable or hearing a child’s plans (or a happy lack of them) for the school holidays- all of these things and more contribute to the sense of festivity in Town.
    What makes me the most joyful to live in Chestermere at this time of year is the generosity I see within our community. Snow gets shovelled without question either by willing neighbours or Snow Angels, rides are given to friends who might be a little uneasy navigating a snowy highway on their own and thank yous come in the form of baked goodies. The Food Bank and Christmas with Dignity Fund get increased donations to help more and more families, volunteers jingle bells for the less fortunate and holiday greetings abound. Christmastime is very heart warming in Chestermere!
    This year my family and I will be out experiencing all that Chestermere has to offer and I hope you will be too.
    On behalf of Council I’d like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Have a safe and wonderful holiday season.