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  • Community is found in the smallest of acts

    I have lived in Chestermere for 6 months, in that time I have been working hard at trying to find the places of community. This weekend was a great weekend for it. First of all I had a neighbor offer my wife and I stuff for our new child we are adopting. My daughters had a great weekend in the care of some awesome Brownie leaders who are teaching them about putting others first. Lastly a few minutes ago in what looks like will be the craziest wind storm of the year, I had a neighbor from over a block away come to the door to let me know that my shingles are coming off and offer to give me a hand saving my roof. Thank you Brian!!! I would stop here but I have to point out that community is found in the smallest of acts. I’m sure there are many of us including myself that would have decided not to bother and made the decision not to go out in the wind. But community is about denying our own desire of self and thinking about others first. Christmas regardless of what you believe should be a time of thinking about others. I experienced it this weekend. Thank You Chestermere.

    Evan Dewald