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  • Disappointing dredging survey process

    Re: Lake dredging won't happen in near future article posted September 20, 2011

    I am writing to express my disappointment with the Town of Chestermere’s lake dredging survey process. The lack of information provided made it impossible to make an informed decision. Specifically, the timeline and costs for dredging seemed excessive and enormous in range with no further explanations provided, funding by increasing taxes was the only method of financing identified, and the long-term outcomes to the community was completed omitted. Many residents identified their concerns with the lack of quantifiable information however the Town Council, to the best of my knowledge, did not publically respond, leaving residents to vote based on speculation. As a result, the survey process was in my opinion disingenuous and not in accordance with the Town of Chestermere’s Vision or Mission statements “Vision: Chestermere; a distinctive recreational lake community promoting a safe, family oriented, sustainable environment. Mission: Through innovative planning and community consultation, we are building an exceptional place to call home.”

    Weed growth has been a long-standing issue for our community that clearly will be a topic of conversation for many years to come. As Chestermere is well known for its lake and the lifestyle that an amenity of this nature affords, I’d like to know what happens now?