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  • Friends hope to support devastated local mom

    Fundraiser will raise funds to help her stay by beside of ill son

    CHESTERMERE – Coworkers and friends of Charissa Elliot of Chestermere are coming together to support her, as she recently received some heartbreaking news.

    Her five-year old son, Owen, has been diagnosed with stage four lymphoma, and is currently at the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

    A close friend of Elliot, Alison Cassidy, said that Owen’s prognosis isn’t good, and they’re not sure how much longer he will be with them.

    “We are hoping to come together and gather support for Charissa, who is experiencing the worst news of her life at the supposed “happiest time of the year for families”,” Cassidy said. “We’re asking for donations and letters of support to allow Charissa, a single mother who is working two jobs, to stay at her son’s bedside.”

    Donations and letters of support are being accepted at West Creek Pub, where Elliot works.

    “It would mean the world to her,” Cassidy said. “She is a humble, stand-up, hard-working mother and she deserves to be allowed to stay with her son for as long as it takes.

    “We have been rocked and deeply saddened by this news which makes us want to jump into action, and we hope the community can help.”

    All of the waitresses at Westcreek Pub will be donating all of their tips toward Charissa and Owen, and the owner Dieter Gesell will be donating all monies over cost.

    For more information, contact Alison Cassidy at 403-280-0379.