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  • Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

    When I announced that we had a babysitter all lined up, it convinced my musicals- are- just- not- my- thing husband to put on a collar shirt and escort me to the Stage West production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

    I’ve wanted to see this classic musical for years, so this was an excellent chance for me to combine theatre, date night and unlimited chocolate florentines.

    The buffet dinner at Stage West is well known for a reason. It is beautifully presented and offers delicious, high-end fare. It is well laid out so you can move through quickly and easily. Be sure to hit the sushi station.

    This biblical age story features the life of Joseph. His father, Jacob (who, unlike my father, who clearly favoured me, over the boys) gives a fancy, multi-coloured coat to show his affection for his beloved son, Joseph. The other brothers were overwhelmed with jealousy and sold their little brother into slavery, only to find him later in life as a Pharaoh’s second in command. This very talented cast expresses the twists along the way for this dreamer, brilliantly. The choreography in this production was the best I’ve seen. Truly, it was a delight to watch. A highlight was the song performed by the brothers, “Those Canaan Days”. Eric Craig as Simeon had the audience in hysterics. It was a perfect combination of great vocals and superb physical comedy.

    The cast of this production is clearly the reason for its success. David Cotton as Joseph is terrific. Not only is he generous on the eyes, with his dazzling smile and chiseled abs – he had amazing vocals and a commanding stage presence. Each of the eleven brothers brought serious talent to the stage, dazzling us with musical styles from twangy country-western to calypso to hip hop. Not to be outdone by the boys (even though the show is certainly male heavy) the females in this cast brought high energy and fun – not to mention, fabulous costumes. A huge nod to the story’s narrator, Susan Gilmore. She quickly developed a great relationship with the audience and provided several tongue-in-cheek moments of hilarity.

    I enjoyed seeing the theatre kids from Storybook Theatre (which I frequent with my own children) cast as the children’s chorus for this production. What a fantastic opportunity for them to be in such an amazing show and learn from all the seasoned folks at Stage West. They did a brilliant job.

    This is a big, fun, flamboyant show that is definitely worth seeing. It runs from November 3rd to January 22, 2012. There is ample parking in the back. For more details, check out http://www.Stagewest.com