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  • Local RCMP team continues to expand

    Chestermere welcomes new constable

    CHESTERMERE – The Chestermere RCMP is welcoming another new member to the detachment, as Constable Trevor Edelman joined the team last month.

    Edelman graduated from the RCMP depot in Regina on Sept. 19, and began work in Chestermere on Sept. 22.

    The 28-year-old was born in Calgary but spent some time living in Saskatchewan, where he graduated high school. He did some missions traveling in Mexico before deciding to officially pursue a career with the RCMP.

    “It was just one of those things I always wanted to do since I was younger,” Edelman said of why he decided to become an officer. “I always looked up to (the RCMP) and respected them, and I wanted to be able to help out my community.”

    Edelman said that he chose the RCMP specifically because it offers more opportunities as it is a Canada-wide organization, and because there are many different areas that one can specialize in.

    “It’s also a very respected organization; it’s world-renowned,” he said. “Being a part of that is awesome.”

    Edelman said that his wife, Lindsay, was a big inspiration for him, saying that as soon as she found out that he wanted to be in the RCMP, she encouraged him to go for it.

    “She really helped me out and was one of the driving forces behind what made me do it,” he said.

    Edelman said that he is enjoying everything so far, and just hopes to gain as much experience as possible from the job.

    “Being new, you come in not knowing a lot, so everything is new and exciting,” he said. “But I hope to retain as much as possible and eventually work on specializing in a certain area.

    “There are so many opportunities out there so I’m not sure what I’ll specialize in yet, it all depends on what I can learn in the field. Everything looks good to me right now.”

    Edelman said that so far he is enjoying working in the community.

    “I knew Chestermere but I didn’t know what to expect coming in,” he said. “I didn’t know the extent of the types of calls that come in or anything like that.

    “But I came in with an open mind, and it’s been more exciting than I could have ever imagined. I’m loving it so far.”