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  • Response to street lights letter

    I would like to respond to Mr Lee’s article on the lack of street lights on East Chestermere Dr.
    I lived on this street for 20 yrs. and the issue came up on many occasions as to why we have no street lights or sidewalks. First, people didn’t want them, secondly, the cost to put in infrastructure is very high, Mr Lee should do a little homework on infrastructure costs, before making statements that “so it wouldn’t have cost much more to put in street lights”. People move out of the city for a variety of reasons, and I find it ironic that they want all the amenities to follow? The vast majority of people who live on east chestermere Dr..like the feeling of the country, that’ why the move here. I am all for safety, however, like any road way that is not lit, there is a responsibility for people to take care and be aware of traffic at all times, its not always a lack of lighting etc that is responsible for accidents, its sometimes a lack of care and attention.