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  • Town Council Notes – Dec.6

    The regular meeting of Chestermere town council on December 6 showed two appointments.

    The first was with Paul Siller of Rocky View Handibus, who made a presentation to council about what they do as an organization, and where they hope to be with the organization in the next few years.
    He explained that they hope to increase the number of buses, set up a real shop and location to service buses, and potentially run the organization all from under one roof. 
He asked that council start thinking about setting aside $4.50 per capita in funding to provide for the service locally. He said that the funding would improve their daytime level of service, improve the hours of service available, and assist more people who are currently out of their service window.

    The second appointment was with Graeme Melton of Melcor, who briefly spoke with council about an small piece of land that needs to be purchased in order for Phase 6 to move forward.
    He explained that they are prepared to pay market value for the .004 hectares of land that were deliberately left out of an earlier plan.
Council agreed to look at the item under new business.


Council then heard from project planner Liz Armitage, regarding Policy 301 (Design Guidelines).
    The Design Guidelines (Policy 301) work program included consultation with key stakeholders including Development Services Staff, Council/SDAB/CPC, and industry representatives. A Public Open House was held on November 14, 2011 to inform residents and gain their feedback.
    The Design Guidelines document was presented to council, and Armitage said that it is reflective of the comments received on the draft Design Guidelines. She said that they have been developed to address future multi-family residential, commercial, business park, light industrial, and special design areas gateways, special streets and public realm, town centre, and residential infill development, and have also been developed with the intent to provide clarity to the development process for all parties involved in the Development Permit application process.
    Armitage said that the Design Guidelines are “critical to ensuring future buildings meet and exceed the expectations for the Town of Chestermere, therefore, upon budget approval in 2012, the implementation phase of this project will be undertaken. It is envisioned that the implementation phase will provide training to all parties involved in the development approval process including industry (developers, builders, architects, 46 etc.), town staff and decision makers (Council and CPC). The implementation component will also
    provide a review of the application process and ensure that the checklist in the Design Guidelines is accurate.”
    After discussion, council motioned to approve Design Guidelines (Policy #301) as proposed with a couple of amendments, and that it be released to the public following the amendments. The motion was carried. 

    Next, council discussed the meeting room rental spaces available to the public at town hall.
    The possibility of charging for use of the spaces were discussed, along with what security measures would need to be taken because the meeting rooms would be used after regular business hours. It was mentioned that council chambers should only be used as a meeting space by groups or committees that include councillors. 
The possibility of not renting out the spaces at all was discussed, but it was further determined that town hall is a public space, and that meeting spaces are already too limited in the community, so cutting use of the building would be a concern. 
It was determined that a security deposit would need to be paid by anyone wishing to use the spaces more than once, and that it should increase from $150 to $250.
    It was moved that staff update the policy with amendments. The motion was carried. 

    Next, John Popoff, director of Development Services for the town presented Policy 603 (Project Management Process and Manual) to council.
    Policy 603 requires town staff to adhere to a project management process when they undertake a project. The processes and language for the manual are those advocated by the Project Management Institute (PMI), which is the largest and most influential global organization to define project management processes across all industries.
    The policy includes a breakdown of how to undertake a project, from where to begin, how to manage it, and how to close it. It also includes a time tracking system and requires staff to go through training on how to use the manual. 
Council discussed that they were not comfortable with applying the policy to all departments immediately, and that it would possibly be best to try it out in a single department after it follows the policy for a year or so. 
It was discussed that some members were in favor of the policy as long as it is not mandatory for every project, as each should be looked at on a case by case basis.
    Council decided that they needed to full understand the implications of the policy, and that they were sure if the policy was appropriate for all town departments.
    It was decided that council would revisit the policy in a years time to see how it worked for certain future projects.

    Council first looked at some new amendments to Land Use Bylaw (022-11), and approved first reading.

    They then 1ooked at the Procedural Bylaw (025-11), which was brought back to council by staff after a few small changes were requested.
    It was motioned that third reading be given, and the motion was carried.

    Council moved on to Bylaw 026-11, the Business Licence Bylaw, which would replace the current business license bylaw (035-09.)
    The bylaw was modified to include the provisions of the Provincial Offence Procedures Act which will would make it easier to enforce, as inspection provision has been included to allow Officers to inspect businesses operating within the Town, short term business licences would be created by the bylaw, and pro-rated fees for licenses would also be created. The bylaw was given all three readings.


    Mayor Matthews attended various budget meetings, and a CUI meeting with the new CEO Paul Blaha on strategic plans for the future (CUI is slated to start January 1, 2012.)
    She briefly attended the Library AGM, the CMHA Housing Outlook for 2012 in Calgary and Region with Mattamy Homes. 
She said that the CMHC quotes the inflation rate in Canada as “2 per cent and in Alberta it’s 2.3 per cent while the average house price here in AB is listed at $340,000 to $380,000. New housing starts are predicted to increase 10.6 per cent in 2012 from 2011 which means about 9,400 new single family and multi-family houses can be expected. Typically Chestermere sees around 1 per cent of Calgary’s total growth.”
    She met with the Chair of the Health Committee regarding potential new mandates for their committee in 2012, attended the CRP General Assembly where Rocky View County and the M.D. of Foothills also joined the regular membership, met with Deputy Mayor Johnson and the Town’s appointed solicitor, Joanne Klauer. She met with Ted Gard of RV Emergency Management, along with DM Johnson to discuss fire services, and met with a potential developer of space in Town Centre. She also attended a CPC meeting where approval was given to Rainbow Falls light industrial, spoke with a resident regarding a memorial offering for her family and answered various questions from residents regarding projects in the Town, and spoke with residents at Mocha Monday about bylaws, snow clearing, Rainbow Road/Paradise Road, future developments and commercial inquiries.

    Deputy Mayor Johnson attended three budget meetings, met with developer George Trutina to discuss off site levies, etc., attended CUI meetings as well as multiple meetings with Ted Gard and Steve Bagley regarding Rocky View Fire. He also briefly attended the library AGM, and attended a strategic planning meeting for CUI.

    Councillor Bergen attended a Chestermere Utilities meeting, a few budget meetings and an Urban Beautification Committee meeting. He briefly attended the Library AGM, attended a library board meeting, a meeting regarding the strategic plan for Chestermere Utilities, and a Chestermere Planning Commission meeting.

    Councillor Leighton attended a Chestermere Historical Foundation Meeting, multiple budget meetings, and stopped in briefly at the Chestermere Library AGM. He also spoke with town residents about various issues.

    Councillor Hutchison attended a CPC meeting and a Remembrance Day committee meeting.

    Councillor Steeves attended the West Merganser open house, a CUI meeting, and multiple budget meetings. He briefly attended the Library Board AGM, the meeting of the whole, and the Paradise Road open house. He also attended the Calgary Regional Partnership AGM, the Rocky View School Board open house, and a CPC meeting. Steeves also had informal discussions with various members of Rocky View council on the required IDP, and met with residents about various concerns and questions.

    Councillor Heather Davies attended the budget meetings, briefly attended the Library AGM, and went to the West Merganser Upgrade Open House. She also had conversations with resident’s about ECD upgrades, the exotic pet bylaw, municipal taxation, the tower at Lakeside Greens Place, West Merganser Drive proposed upgrade feedback and queries on a possible hotel.