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  • Why Selling During the Christmas Season Can Be Great!

    While many people are taking their home off the market, because they believe that there are no home buyers out there, they are just making the odds of selling your home better.
    Your home will never look better, or smell better. With all the Christmas trimmings your home will invoke pleasant memories of happy times for potential buyers.
    You may think that having your home on the market will interrupt your festivities. But if you really think about it you are probably only entertaining one or two days during that time. It would be better to decline and reschedule showings rather than to take the home off of the market for a month or more.
    People looking during this season are serious. Most people are very busy during this time and will not waste time looking at home unless they need to move. So while you may have fewer showings they will likely be more serious buyers.
    Many corporate relocations are starting new jobs in January as the new budget year begins. These buyers will be looking in November and December, and there will be fewer homes to choose from, making the odds of selling your home better.
    If you are serious about selling you keep your home on the market until it sells. You never know when the right buyer for your home will come along. Before I was a realtor I was looking at homes personally. As our realtor drove past our current home I told him I would love a home that looked like that one. As he was an area specialist he knew that the home had been on the market for three years, but that they had taken it off of the market for a rest. He called the listing realtor and we had a look, despite the fact that it was decorated with deep maroon, walls and ceilings we could see the potential. We bought it and did the renovations. What if they had missed us as a buyer, how long would it have been on and off of the market before someone else could see through the deep, dark colors to find an absolutely beautiful home.
    Staging Your Home Over The Holidays.
    Selling your home over the holidays is a balancing act. You want to enjoy the holidays with all of the trimmings; however you need to be careful not to clutter the house up so that buyers can see the features of the home.
    We would suggest that you focus on no more than three areas of the home to decorate for Christmas. The front door.
    A fresh wreath or some greenery will make a welcoming backdrop to the whiteness of winter. A garland along the rail or over the door can be very attractive. Stores now have smaller outdoor trees that they sell in pairs to place on either side of the front door.
    The Fireplace.
    If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace, this is a great place to add some greenery. If not add a table cloth to the dining table and some seasonal trim that accents the colours of your home.
    The Christmas Tree.
    If your family has a Christmas tree make sure that it does not clutter up the room, you may need to make room by removing a chair or other item of furniture. Make sure that it does not block any doorways. Try to use a theme of no more than three colours for your decorating, such as red, gold and green or blue, silver and white. If you do not have a tree a poinsettia ads a splash of colour and warmth to any room and is also non-denominational.
    If you have time to bake your home will smell great for showings, if you are like most people and don’t throw some vanilla in a pot of water and let it simmer before a showing. You can also touch the light bulbs with vanilla for a welcoming scent as buyers come in the front door. Please avoid artificial scents as they just make people wonder what you are trying to hide.
    Remember to leave the lights on, especially at the front door. With it being dark early you don’t want a buyer tripping as they come up the front steps.
    If you can wait until at least December 1st (the 15th would be better) before putting up the tree, and make sure that you have it down by January 6th, you can have your traditional Christmas and have your home on the market, just in case that RIGHT buyer shows up.