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Columnists - Bill Biko

Finding the Right Realtor

Spring is typically the time of year that the Real Estate market starts to pick up the pace and it’s during this time that many Realtors shine...

Columnists - Bill Biko

ROI – Part Two

A few weeks ago, I wrote an article talking about Return on Investment or ROI and talked about how it applies to Real Estate investments. Now ROI can actually...

Columnists - Bill Biko

To Index Or Not To Index

Just when you start to have a grasp on how to determine what is happening with property values (using median and average prices as a starting point), along...

Columnists - Bill Biko

Let’s Talk ROI

Return on Investment or ROI, what a great subject for the beginning of the year. So what is ROI? Well, simply put, if you invest $100 and make $100 on that...

Columnists - Bill Biko

The Problem With Slumlords

Slumlords, just the sound of it makes you think of broken down tenements in places like New York City. You know, the types of buildings we see in movies with...

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