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  • Finding the Right Realtor

    Spring is typically the time of year that the Real Estate market starts to pick up the pace and it’s during this time that many Realtors shine. Unfortunately, it’s also a time when some Realtors expect the market to do all the work for them.
    To help you avoid getting stuck with the wrong Realtor, I’ve compiled some tips to get you on track. Dealing with a good Realtor can often be the difference, between having a property sell in a timely fashion, and having your property languish on the market for months, so pay attention!
    One of the phrases that drives me absolutely bonkers is having a Realtor tell me that by listing my property I will have 5,000 other Realtors working to sell my property. Now this is more commonly seen when selling your home on your own, but the point is, if I’m bringing in a Realtor, I want him or her to sell the property, not to leave it up to the other Realtors to do their work.
    They are my representative and I need to them to advise me to the best of their abilities when it comes to selling my property. If they are depending on the other 5,000 Realtors out there to sell the property for me, they aren’t the right Realtor for me.
    I would prefer a seasoned professional Realtor, as they often have lists of potential buyers already in hand which can accelerate how quickly a sales transaction can take place. This benefits all parties involved. It can result in reduced commissions, better communications and savings for everyone.
    Friends, neighbours and relatives. These people may be able to provide great references, but they don’t necessarily make great Realtors. That’s great news that your neighbour’s son just obtained his Realtor’s license and is looking for clients, but is it really in your best interest to be his first listing?
    Same goes with your relatives or your best friend, just because they are Realtors, it doesn’t make them qualified to represent you. You want someone with a good track record and some history behind him or her of success. After all, you will be putting your trust in them with a very expensive asset of yours and making the wrong choice can cost you tens of thousands of dollars.
    Of course if you feel it’s worse to hurt someone’s feelings than lose a lot of money and potentially not sell your house, go ahead and ignore this.
    Remember, you don’t have to go with the first Realtor you run into, or the Realtor who mailed you a notepad or calendar, but these folks may be a good place to start. Meet with them and have an interview, hopefully you have been doing some homework already on the value of your home, so see what they feel it’s worth.
    This will help you confirm what the pricing should be and be very cautious about anyone who comes back with a price that seems high compared to everyone else. Starting with a high initial price can often get a Realtor a listing, as the homeowner’s eyes light up in excitement of extra money, but it’s often a ploy just to get that listing. This often backfires as you can miss out on many potential buyers by pricing yourself out of the market and can end up in many extra days on the market.
    A handy tip to find a good local Realtor is to drive around your neighbourhood and determine which Realtors are active in your area by looking at Real Estate signs posted in the area. Just be sure to note which Realtors not just have the most for sale signage up, but the ones with SOLD on them. You don’t want to get stuck with someone who just lists properties; you need someone who also sells them!
    Hopefully this points you in the right direction and good luck selling!