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  • Chestermere Utilities Incorporated officially launches

    New group to provide utility services for the town

    CHESTERMERE – On March 1, Chestermere Utilities Incorporated, better known as CUI, was officially launched.

    CUI is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Town of Chestermere, and will focus on water, wastewater, storm water, garbage collection and recycling services for the town. They will serve around 4,700 residential customers as well as 120 commercial customers.

    The town decided to form the corporation about two years ago, and after going through the formal application process, the CUI was approved last March by the minister of municipal affairs.

    In August, town council confirmed the appointment of the board of directors of Chestermere Utilities Incorporated (CUI), which consists of Mayor Patricia Matthews, Deputy Mayor Kelsey Johnson, Councillors Patrick Bergen and Christopher Steeves as well as directors Fred Clarke and Catherine Connolly. Then this past January, Paul Blaha was appointed as the chief executive officer of the CUI.

    As far as why it makes sense to have launched the CUI in Chestermere, Blaha said that it is all about planning for future growth.

    “The infrastructure growth expected for Chestermere is significant,” he said. “The Town hasn’t outgrown its current infrastructure yet, but it certainly needs to plan for the future.

    “Utility affairs need to be put under a microscope because infrastructure is very expensive, and to own and operate it is going to need a good strategy. Having a core group to operate it will make things easier in the long run.”

    Blaha also said that it is wise to have some scrutiny on utility decision-making, which is what the CUI will do.

    “Over time there will be good decisions made on infrastructure and service,” he said. “Long term customers should expect, over time, better cost options and better customer service.”

    Blaha said, “Chestermere has a very interesting growth potential.

    “From a utility perspective, there are interesting choices that will have to be thought through, and we will also have a chance to really improve service for the customer.”

    For more details about Chestermere Utilities Incorporated, visit their website at www.cuinc.ca or call 403-207-7284.