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  • Do You Have a Fresnoe?

    So what is a fresnoe?  It is a type of scraper used to build the dam at the end of Chestermere Lake, and also some of the Western Irrigation district ditches.  The Chestermere Historical Foundation (CHF) is seeking either a donation of one of these or a contact where we could purchase one as we have come to a dead end with our own contacts.  Over the past two years the CHF has slowly been collecting larger artifacts which are significant to the history of Chestermere.  Many of you know about our 1952 fire-truck, the restoration of which is progressing nicely under the guidance of ‘Chef Vini’ our master restorer.  We now have, thanks to Julie and Dan Meier, one of the signs used by an early developer in the Cove.  And of course, a donation of an antique wheelbarrow (used to build the dam), and scythe donated by Lori Nielsen.  But our main objective is to obtain a fresnoe, which we hope to have on display next year during our 2nd Historic Chestermere week.   We have just requested the Town to declare this celebration for the last week of July and look forward to discussing this at the daytime Council meeting December 3rd.
    Our major fundraiser is selling Chestermere A Home for All Seasons–and with the giving season just ahead this makes an excellent gift.  For just the month of December you can buy the complete history of Chestermere and area, a value of $48, for the special price of $40.  And for just another $5 you can become a member of the Historical Foundation!
    To contact us about a donation, books or memberships  you can go to contact us on our webpage www.chestermerehistory.org or call Jen 272 3764 or Audrey 272 9280.  The next CHF meeting will be 12 noon, at The Taphouse, Friday December 14th.  Join us!