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  • Fifties style Carcentric urban development is not progress

    I am writing this letter in response to a interview that Reeve Rolly did on the CBC radio on about July 1st.concerning the 10,000 house subdivision that the MD. and their developer friends want to superimpose on the locals.
The interview starts off with local farmer who’s family lived on the land for 106 years ,his concerns were that his right to farm were being compromised by such things as traffic ,not being able to move his machinery, people walking their dogs across his crops .Reeve Rollys response to these legitimate concerns was that this was progress and to suck it up.
Well I am pretty sure that this kind of Carcentric urban sprawl was progress in the 1950s. It’s something that major urban centers including Calgary are trying to move away from for a number of different reasons; the biggest being the cost servicing these remote locations. Over half of the city Calgary’s deficit is a result of servicing new development, that includes sewer water, roads schools fire halls and etc. I am told that the property tax payback for this is fifty years so that means the tax payers have to borrow in order to subsidize the developer’s bottom line.
There are all the other reasons for not to decimate the lush green landscape with the vinyl covered. blight of urban cancer, including the degradation of top soil. It should be noted that the downfall of many great civilizations can attributed to the depletion of top soil .In the M.D of Rocky View it seems we can’t. strip it off and pave over it fast enough .
In closing I would like to say to Reeve Rolly that this kind of urban sprawl is not progress.

    Yours truly
    Albert Potter