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  • Fireworks go ahead after cancellation

    This year’s Canada Day fireworks were a big disappointment for our family. We arrived at the park early and braved the weather which unfortunately turned bad. There was an announcement at the park stating that the fireworks were cancelled and we should go home. I tucked two very disappointed kids in bed as they had been looking forward to the fireworks for weeks. You can imagine our surprise when we awoke to fireworks going off later in the evening. Before we left the officials at the park and the Chestermere Fire Department told us the show would not be happening Sunday night but would likely happen next Friday. My question is who’s decision was it to go on with the fireworks? While I appreciate no one can control Mother Nature, is ‘cancelled’ not ‘cancelled’? Is there no plan in place for communication? If we had been told the show was postponed to see what the weather would do we likely would have stayed. Gee whiz!

    B. Kingdon