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  • Kudos to Superintendent Mr. Greg Bass

    It is with great pride and excitement I want to congratulate Mr. Greg Bass and his support team at Rocky View School Division, in being selected as the Alberta School Division to present and collaborate with the Province of Alberta Ministers; to PRESENT AND SHARE THE TRANSFORMATION WITHIN THE LAST FIVE YEARS IN RVSD, and the subsequent state of the art, 21st Century C-leaning environment it has been recognized for!

    RVSD has moved forward in an INCALCULABLE fashion due to the forward thinking and implementation of technology and personal vision by Mr. Bass in conjunction with the continual involvement of students in the decision making of this school division. I have not, in the past 17 years of being a active parent, trustee and Chairman of the Board of this school division, seen the dedication and results oriented targets being met, the bar is set very high and it is being met!!! Greg’s leadership, transparency and advocacy for the students is extremely a success story and is being re-created throughout other school divisions in the Province of Alberta. Congrats to Mr. Bass and the Board of Trustees who have continually supported Greg’s integrity and determination in moving our student body forward, providing the student AND parent with every thinkable opportunity!

    Trudy Hauser
    Past Cochrane Trustee and
    Chairman of the Board
    Rocky View School Division