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  • Poor planning, entire summer to pave a road

    Dear Anchor,

    I as well as the rest of the residents on the street have had it with the construction on West Chestermere Drive. There is no reason why it should take all summer to pave a road and put in a curb. The section south of me was done in a couple weeks. Yet they’ve had the rest of the road torn up and left to pursue other projects in and around town. They broke a watermain and flooded my property then just left it and didn’t notify me. I had to speak to several people to have it cleaned up… which they did a poor job of doing.
    Then a giant curb was placed in front of my house as well as others and a poorly constructed access which I’m unable to use as it scrapes the bottom of my pick-up truck. I’ve had to help out neighbours whose cars have bottomed out on their driveway access. Now I’ve heard people had to pay to get the curb and access fix just so they can access their driveway. This is extortion.

I’m sick of listening to trucks back up at six thirty in the morning.
    I’m sick of construction workers littering my place with their coffee cups and lunch wrappers. I should be able to use my driveway. I hope the Anchor does a story on this and lets the town know that their incompetance and poor planning is unacceptable. 

    Tommy Fleger