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  • Volunteer nominees are the backbone

    Dear Editor,
    I was amazed at the long list of names read out by Mayor Patricia Matthews at the Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast on April 21st 2012. What impressed me was not just hearing the name of the winner of each category, but the many, many names of nominees and their work in our community. Because these nominees are the backbone that gives support to those who did win the award, I thought it worthy to put out to you in print the names of those hard workers. Here they are! Give the winners and the nominees a pat on the back when you see them around town. And it will probably be in some situation where they are volunteering their time!

    Arts – Leela Aheer , Sara Eccleston (2 nominations), Kate Schuck;
    Community Service- Bea Germain, Elaine Macres, Seona Macres, Shaunna Ruddock, Edith Bramoh, Jeff DesRochers , John and Donna Timmermans, Karen Wourms, Lori Skehar, Christy Forest, Tara Law, Rachel Buchan, Mardi Oel, Rhonda Schroh, Sarah Papke
    Youth – Iman Abdulla, Jason McElrea , Kathryn Maurer, Michael Chang
    Sports and Leader of Tomorrow – nominees won their categories.