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  • M&M Meat Shops and Lake Ridge Community Church Provide Block Party Bonus

    Ever wondered who your next-door neighbor is? Block parties are a great way of cultivating community relations. Having someone nearby that you can turn to is an important aspect of community living and something that is becoming more and more difficult to come by. Whether it is having someone nearby to watch your kids after school or to share gardening tips with, the knowledge that you have someone close that you can rely on is an important value to communities. Block parties offer the opportunity to get to know your neighbors and develop that small town feeling that living outside the city can provide. The parties offer an opportunity for community members to gather and get to know one another, strengthen existing relationships, and create lasting memories.
    This year, the Town of Chestermere Community Services will again be providing Community Connections: Block Party Kits, to residents in Chestermere and surrounding communities, interested in organizing block parties for their neighbourhood. The kits are completely free to organizers and include items such as a Block Party 101 information package, sidewalk chalk and other outdoor games, cups, plates, and other disposable items, invitation templates, block party permits, and more. They are a great way to lower the expense and stress of organizing block parties in your community.
    Community Services has also partnered with M&M Meat Shops Chestermere and Lake Ridge Community Church, who are donating food to each Community Connections: Block Party, for 32 people, which includes M&M’s burgers, buns, M&M’s Pasta Vegetable Salad, and 3 M&M’s Too Tall cakes. There are, however, a limited number of kits and dates available. This offer is only available to those registered in the Community Connections program. If you are interested in hosting a Block Party this year, please contact Community Services at 403-207-7060.