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  • Mommy And Me Training

    One of the best ways for new mother’s to get in shape is taking part in a mommy and me exercise class or exercise plan. Exercising with your baby is a great way to spend time together, get outside (in some cases), and help to regain your pre-baby body back.
    There are many different forms of activities that you can do with mommy and me training, so introducing yourself to the varieties and then selecting the best one for you will be important.
    Let’s have a quick peak at the top forms of mommy and me training to consider.
    Walking With Your Baby
    The first form of exercise that you can do with your baby is simple walking. This is a great way to get yourself back into better shape after you first give birth and are just easing back into the exercise process.
    Strap the baby to your back or your front and walk a few miles, either by yourself or with other new mom’s in your area. The baby will act as a small amount of added resistance, helping to increase your calorie burn from this activity slightly further.
    Stroller Jogging
    The second exercise that you might consider as you work your way back into better physical condition is stroller jogging. Placing your baby in a stroller and going for a jog with it is going to provide both resistance training as well as aerobic benefits.
    There’s no question that you’ll definitely be getting your heart rate up higher than normal while pushing your stroller, so this can increase the rate at which you burn off body fat. In addition to that, you’ll firm up and tone the calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings while doing this form of exercise, creating a much more attractive looking lower body.
    Stroller jogging is also a great activity to do with a group of mom’s, so consider getting a running group going.
    Baby Resistance Classes
    Finally, the last form of baby and me training that you might consider is baby resistance classes. In these classes, rather than using external weight as the form of resistance to utilize, you’re instead going to use your baby as the resistance.
    You can perform a number of exercises using this technique including shoulder presses, chest presses, bent over rows, squats, lunges, as well as front raises.
    This is yet another good way to boost your metabolism for hours after the workout is completed, so you can attack your fat loss goals head on all day long.
    So there you have three great ways to start exercising with your baby so that you can get in better shape without having to get a sitter and spend time away from your new child. Most mom’s are hesitant to leave their baby in the first place so if you do want to work your way back into better shape, you have to find a way to get around this. Mommy and me exercise is the perfect solution.