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  • Paying more and getting less

    Regarding paying more and getting less, just look at our new utilities
bill. I’ve been told by Town Representitives, that the new corporation
was created because “the Town wasn’t doing a very good job with it”.
That would be like me saying my household is going broke because I’m
not managing my budget very well so I’ll hire an accounting firm and
pay them to run my life, with money I can’t afford, and for expenses
that didn’t exist prior, to do what I should be responsible for, and in
Town Councils case, being paid to do, in the first place.
Now instead of the Town taking care of it’s business, it has farmed it
out to some overpaid CEO and corporation who is now getting rich off my
taxes, now hidden as a separate utility bill. Then to further line his
pockets, the first thing he does is create new charges, i.e. basic
STORM WATER charges that never existed before ($11.90), and then
unilaterally increases basic GARBAGE charges $4.40, basic RES. SEWER
SERVICE charges $6.20, and basic RES. WATER SERVICE charges $4.10, and
I’m sure such increases are surely to continue to creep upwards.
I am not impressed.