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  • Right of way at crossing

    Dear Editor
    I would like to draw attention to the following as it has been bothering me for a while. Maybe you can use it for an article, or else feel free to publish this as a reader’s letter.
    Ever since the crossing at The Learning Center, A&W and Tim’s on the one side and the Petro Canada/TD Bank etc. on the other side has opened, I have noticed most people do not know who needs to yield to whom. Or worse, they assume they have right of way coming from Timmie’s (maybe it’s something in the coffee?). I even went so far as to double check with the RCMP – I thought maybe I had it wrong. But no. After almost-collision-no.-20-something, I cannot help but feel it is important people are educated in this matter. Specially, since I usually end up getting the finger (or verbal abuse) while I now am sure I am right.
    This crossing is NOT a 4-way stop. This means if you are travelling from Tim’s, A&W or anyone else on that side, and wanting to go towards the lights (left turn), you have to yield to every other direction, including the cars opposite from you, travelling past Petro Canada, because coming from Timmies, you are crossing traffic lanes. If cars are stopped at both stop signs at the same time, the car not crossing traffic, but merging it, goes first. Or, to put it simple: left hand turn yields to right hand turn.
    I know this probably won’t help much, but at least I got to vent. Thank you.
    Henriette van Ittersum