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  • Still waiting for information about utility costs

    Dear Editor,
    Re: Chestermere Utility Bill Inquiry

    When inquiring as to why my utility billed has doubled with Chesteremere Utilities Inc. I was told that Calgary has increased their rates and our water comes from Calgary and we take our garbage there. Fair enough. I asked about reducing utility costs and conserving water. I was directed to links on the website where it states, “More information to come”. It has been over a month and I am stil waiting for that information to appear.

Now I see that our taxes were reduced for storm water fees and other services now provided by CUI. My taxes went down by $30/month and utilities up by $80 bi-monthly. Hmmm…it appears that I am still paying more for the exact same service I was receiving. Might as well charge it back to the town. I was told our garbage fees had increased as Calgary has increased their landfill fees and the lack of recycling in Chestermere. I find that odd as I do recycle- yet I pay a penalty based on what assessment??? Maybe we should have a blue and black bin program, or will that cost us more? 

    Jen Devolder