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  • Thank you to crowd for their energy

    I was one of 40 players in the Worlds Longest Hockey Game in Chestermere from May 6 – 16th. It was a daunting challenge and a bunch of us ordinary guys made it through mostly unscathed. We had a goal and we crushed it, we kicked it to the curb and many will benefit.
    We made it for many reasons and one big one was the support of the fans that assisted us directly and indirectly in our efforts.
    We LOVED to play to a crowd and for those of you that attended I can not tell you how much that energized us. I am sure that you noticed how you affected our play. We played hard outscoring the last record by more than double and we can thank you for that.
    We could feel the support could hear and see you cheering us on and sometimes we ate it also, thanks to all of those that brought much needed sweets and other things. Without you guys this would have been allot harder to accomplish.
    Every one loves being cheered on and you helped us to achieve our goals. Due to the physical strains and lack of sleep I am sure we may forget individual champions, names and great deeds and for that I apologize but what I will never ever forget is the love, concern and smiles that I saw each and every day on each and every of my 100 hours on the ice.
    Thanks to all who supported us and to all that gave allowing us to raise 1.6 millions dollars plus and counting, thanks you, thank you thank you.
    W. George “Coach” Conroy
    #92 Team Hope