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  • Thanks, now let’s make Chestermere better

    Dear Chestermere Town Council and Town Planners,
    – Banks – Thanks for yet another bank being built in town, we now have almost as many banks as SE Calgary. Internet banking would sure be handy out here judging by the number of banks we need
    – Restaurants – We definitely don’t need any more of these. One chain restaurant and several small family owned businesses struggle to survive, due to outrageous business costs.
    – The Lake, the reason our town exists, Wouldn’t it be nice to have a couple of these restaurants near the boat docks, or overlooking the lake? You’ve done an excellent job creating a park, gazebo and boat launch. Could I suggest that you place a DayCare and a Medical Building overlooking the lake? Maybe also the backs of a nail salon and tax office. If you look around the world at desirable lake communities they wouldn’t dare put a restaurant near the water.
    – Marina Drive – One access in and out of hundreds of homes is always a good idea. To improve upon this, approve a whole new development with the same single access. You could also line that narrow street with houses and children. What happens when a fatal car accident, house fire or gas line bursts along Marina Drive? How will people evacuate out of their houses? or get home for dinner? Those will likely happen as that road turns into a major freeway. Not to mention the recent utility work that had the road completely closed and rerouted traffic through a traffic circle in a construction area.
    – Merganser Drive – Over 10 years ago, the space was dedicated for 4 lanes there, you’ve now decided to build a couple hundred metres a year, with real cool driving obstacles around cement barriers and medians. And now we don’t need 4 lanes there? True, but may I suggest you leave the quick changes from 4 to 2 lanes (aka obstacle course) for someone to wrap their car around.
    – Okay, One last thing, Thanks for ripping up Kilometres of perfectly good sidewalk every spring and replacing it. Just because of a small crack that is barely visible? Every spring that company must make a killing. How do I get that contract?

    I know that economics, private industry and other forces are at play here, but lets please try to create a safe, beautiful lakefront community. Chestermere is an awesome community, lets make it better.

    Phil H