The One Change That Will boost Your Progress Instantly

Looking to see better results from your workout session? If so, then it’s time to consider how you’re approaching your workouts and see if there isn’t something that you could do slightly differently that will take your progress and push it to high-gear.
Fortunately, there is one such factor that you can immediately implement into each session that you do that will instantly transform the results you get and help you climb to a new level.
What is that factor?
That’s right – simply adding more focus to each workout session you do will enable you to enhance your fitness, boost your fat loss, and add more shape and definition to your body.
Let’s take a closer look at what this concept is all about and how you can start applying it today.
Why Focus Helps?
First things first, let’s go over what we are referring to by focus. Focus is essentially getting into a mind state where you are completely free from distractions and are only concentrating on the task at hand.
Some other people may refer to this as ‘flow’ – a state of continuous concentration that is not broken by any other factors going on around you.
So why does this help?
Essentially it’s going to allow you to get every single benefit possible from each rep that you do.
To illustrate this principle using an example, let’s say you have to read a highly technical paper. In which scenario would you comprehend what’s being said the best:
A – if you were to read it while sitting in front of the TV with a group of people around you?
B – if you were in a room all by yourself where there was nothing but silence?
Obviously the answer is B and that’s precisely what bringing focus into your workout session will do. By eliminating outside distractions you’ll be able to focus harder on each exercise you’re doing, making the most of each and every rep.
How To Apply Focus
So how do you apply this focus? What you want to do is when you are executing any given rep, you want to think about the muscles squeezing and relaxing, bringing that weight up and then back down again.
Think about it from a muscular level and this will instantly transition your focus to where it needs to be.
If you stop and pay attention to every single contraction that’s taking place, you’ll push harder with each rep you do and you’ll find you don’t fatigue quite as quickly either.
How To Regain Focus
For some people, the problem is not so much getting into focus, but staying focused. What do you do if something breaks your focus and you lose track of your deep concentration?
Typically some deep breathing will help you regain composure. This allows you to form a mind-body connection once again as you’re controlling the breathing and it’ll put you back in tune with your body.
Take five deep breaths paying attention to what your body is doing and then proceed with your workout.
So next time you feel like you aren’t getting the most benefits you could be from your workout session, consider adding more focus to the task at hand. You may just find that it’s the driving force to results that you’re looking for.


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