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  • Town of Chestermere addiction

    am not sure if anyone else is frustrated with the overinflated water bill the town has just sent out, but when I opened my water bill and saw that it was over 300.00, I thought there might be an error as we have had nothing but rain in June; there was no reason to water the lawn. I called the town to have them explain to me why the cost of water had doubled from last year and they could not give me an explanation, instead they just told me that is what your account shows. I did not increase my household, my toilets are not leaking and my neighbors are not stealing my water so I need a better reason than, ‘Just because’, but none was given. I told them I believe that the Town of Chestermere is addicted to “CRAC” (creative, reasons, adding, costs) and in order to support this habit they need to extort funds from the residents of Chestermere. I believe this is why no businesses can stay afloat because when they start to make a profit the town sniffs that out and then swoops in and increases the water and taxes.

    When I handed them my tax payment and told them that I would have to get a part time job in order to continue living in this town, but the job would have to be in Calgary because there will be no businesses left in Chestermere due to the inflated costs that they continue to squeeze out of all of us.

    Town of Chestermere: quit trying to drown us all with your heavy rates, after all this is a lake community and we would all like to stay afloat.

    A Continually overcharged Resident, Lorraine