Weight Loss Woes: ‘Healthy’ Habits That Are Sabotaging Your Progress

Feel like you’re doing everything right with your diet and workout plan yet still not seeing the progress that you desire?
Tired of going around in circles doing everything that you’ve read to be ‘healthy’ when nothing seems to be working?
If this describes the situation you’re in, it’s time to take a really good look at exactly what you’re doing and see if these ‘healthy habits’ may actually just be a hindrance.
One big problem for many people is that they simply don’t know what’s healthy any more as they’ve read so much conflicting information.
Let’s walk you through a few of the top healthy habits that really aren’t and may just be standing in the way of you and great results.
Not Eating Before Bed
The first habit that you may want to rethink is not eating before bed. If you are forcing yourself to stop eating after 6pm, you may be creating more anxiety for yourself than anything.
Most people do not like to go to bed hungry and when you eliminate the option of eating, you are going to cause some stress.
This could cause you to overeat at your dinner meal to ensure that you can ‘last’ until morning, whereas if you did allow yourself a healthy snack, like an apple or ¼ cup- 1/2 cup greek yogurt, you wouldn’t feel the need to do so.
As long as you choose wisely before bed, eating won’t cause fat gain.
Cutting All Carbs Entirely
The second healthy habit to rethink is shunning carbs entirely. While you should definitely be cutting out processed carbs, don’t cut out the good stuff.
Fruits, vegetables, and whole grains can all be a part of a healthy diet plan and help to keep your metabolism higher.
Start adding these in moderate quantities and you’ll see better results because of it.
Never Cheating
Another big mistake some dieters make is never allowing themselves to cheat – EVER!
While you definitely don’t want to be cheating too often as that will without a doubt derail your progress, don’t force yourself to be ‘on’ 100% of the time.
Doing so will just lead you to black and white thinking where if you do fall off the plan, you really fall off and go on an all-out binge.
That will really do some serious damage to your diet plan then, so that’s something that must be avoided.
Using ‘Diet’ Foods
Finally, the last thing that you need to be careful of is relying too much on diet types of foods.
While sugar free and fat free foods can often contain fewer calories so you may think they are more appropriate for fat loss diets. Keep in mind that very often these contain no nutrients or have the nutrients taken out of them.
Healthy fats are good for the body and necessary for success. Likewise, a high intake of artificial sugars is not going to be healthy at all, and this is often what these ‘sugar free’ foods contain.
So think twice before adding those to your diet.
Be smart and go for naturally healthy foods instead. That’s a far better way to see weight loss success.
So there you have the main healthy habits that you should think twice of before they really do derail your progress.


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