Why Fitness Can Support A Healthy Body Image

If there’s one thing many women have in common, it is doubts about their body. Perhaps you think your thighs are just a little too big or you’re incredibly self-conscious about the ‘pudge’ you have in your lower belly.
Whatever the case may be, you don’t feel especially good about the way you look and are constantly criticizing yourself because of it.
This is a very unhealthy frame of mind to be in because not only can it eventually lead to an eating disorder, but often it will prevent you from living your life to the fullest because you’re so concerned about what others around you might be thinking.
Fortunately, one of the best ways to foster a healthier body image is to get busy in the gym with a brand new workout program.
Let’s take a quick look at why exercise is one of the best ways to boost your body image.
Exercise Will Help You Appreciate The Function Of Your Body
The very first and possibly the biggest reasons why exercise is a great body image booster is because it will quickly allow you to appreciate just what your body can accomplish.
For example, let’s say you set a goal to run a marathon and through months of training, achieving this goal. After that there’s no question that you will appreciate your legs for being able to travel that distance and have little concern over the fact that you think they aren’t ‘slim’ enough.
Seeing all that your body can accomplish will cause you to view yourself in a totally different light and rather than seeing body parts as ‘fat’ or ‘ugly’, you’ll see them as strong and powerful.
Exercise Causes Feelings Of Being Proud
The second reason why exercise can foster a more positive body image is simply because it will cause you to be more proud of your body.
When you get to work with a proper workout program you are going to see noticeable improvements in your overall strength level and cardiovascular fitness.
As this takes place, you’ll come to respect how hard your body is working and this will improve your image of it.
Whenever you hit a brand new goal milestone you’ll be proud of your body for carrying you through to success and this will make you feel better about any ‘trouble spots’ you may suffer from.
Exercise Provides Great Firming And Toning Benefits
Finally, the last reason why exercise can boost your body image is because it’s going to provide very good firming and toning benefits itself.
Since most women are quite self-aware of any excess fat they happen to be carrying in their body, this is the first thing that they want to change about themselves.
After just a few weeks of exercise you can certainly see noticeable improvements in how firm and defined you’re looking, so this can really help you feel that much better overall about your body.
So there you have three reasons why exercise can boost body image. If you’re currently suffering from a poor body image, it’s definitely something to consider so that you can not only appreciate your body more, but enjoy life to the fullest.


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