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  • YELL group – Job well done

    Dear Editor,
    I hope I am one of many writing to say “Congratulations” to the YELL group of Chestermere for sponsoring the excellent election forum. In a town like ours, bursting with young people, what could be more appropriate than an energetic group of teenagers showing the way for the rest of us.
    Thanks are always due to the people of Community Services, Patty Sproule in particular, whenever a special event takes place in our town, and they do a wonderful job. The moderator, Steve Grande, is an outstanding example of volunteerism on many levels, and was a perfect choice for the job.
    But it was the young people who made me so proud to be a Chestermere resident. After watching and listening to the confident and mature way they conducted themselves, in a packed auditorium, I’m sure our future is in good hands, regardless of the outcome of the election.
    Elaine Peake.