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  • Does council understand the understand the meaning of Education Tax Mitigation Program

    Seems our esteemed Mayor Matthews feels the Redford Governments Education Tax increase of 53% is unfair to the residents of Chestermere. Tell me if I’m mistaken, but it sounds a lot like Mayor Matthews is calling the kettle black….especially after instituting a property tax increase last year that amounted to almost the same percentage, at least it did for me. She certainly didn’t care that the assessed land tax on my lot went from $78,000 to $207,000 in one shot, why then, is she screaming foul? Does no one on council understand the meaning of “Education Tax Mitigation Program?” What, they all just assumed the Provincial Government would continue to subsidize Chestermere forever? Really?
    As a home owner in Chestermere I don’t like this tax increase any more than my fellow residents, but I’ve had it up to you know where with the sanctimonious attitude our Mayor and Council display. I sure wasn’t alone waiting in the Town Office to fight my assessment last year, so it stands to reason, there are a few more of us who just might have had enough too.

    Twylla Walker