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  • Lake Ridge Community Church welcomes new Pastor

    Preston Pouteaux answers the call of the growing needs of the community

    Lake Ridge Community Church welcomes new Pastor, Preston Pouteaux to join the team. L-R Preston Pouteaux, Evan Dewald
    Lake Ridge Community Church welcomes new Pastor, Preston Pouteaux to join the team.  L-R Preston Pouteaux, Evan Dewald

    Lake Ridge Community Church welcomes new Pastor, Preston Pouteaux to join the team.
    L-R Preston Pouteaux, Evan Dewald

    Measuring the impact that Lake Ridge Community Church has on Chestermere is difficult because so much of what they do is not immediately visible to most of the community. Although they might be considered small based on Sunday Church attendance, they are mighty in action. In order to continue with their many efforts, they have brought on Preston Pouteaux as an additional Pastor.

    Evan Dewald is the current pastor at Lake Ridge Community Church which gathers each Sunday evening at 6:00p.m. at Our Lady of Wisdom School in Rainbow Falls. In response to the growing needs of our community in which this church group invests so much into, the church leaders decided in April to start looking for another Pastor to assist in spreading the Good News.

    After much prayer the church made their final decision, and was pleased to invite Preston Pouteaux to join their team. Pouteaux was raised in Strathmore and currently lives in Langdon although he and his wife are building a house and will soon be moving to Chestermere. Pouteaux will officially start with Lake Ridge on November.01 and will participate in his first service with this group on Sunday November.03; but that is not all that Pouteaux has to look forward to as he plants his roots into Chestermere, he and his wife are also expecting their first child, who is due in January.

    “When I saw the values that this group represents, I wanted to become a part of it” says Pouteaux of the four main values that Lake Ridge Community Church base themselves on which are community, generosity, worship and story. “Lake Ridge has put the focus on what is important which allows me to center on what it means to be a pastor to a community.”

    “Our biggest goal has always been to make Chestermere a better place to live” shares Dewald. “By mimicking the characteristics of Jesus we encourage all people to act in this way by becoming less judgmental, kinder to one another and through the simple act of listening.”

    Keeping the four main values in mind, the group serves the entire Chestermere population. “When I talk about building community I am not only referring to our church community, my intent is build our entire community and to make it even better.” says Dewald.

    Through the efforts of this spiritual group our community has certainly been made better. The popular Block Party Kits which are available to any resident of Chestermere are funded by Lake Ridge Community Church as well they extend generous offerings to many families who have fallen on hard times by providing frozen meals and other kind gestures.

    Currently, their Children’s Ministry team are organizing the “Trick or Treating for All” campaign, ensuring that all children; including those who cannot for a variety of reason have candy; can participate and enjoy Halloween. The program simply connects those children with homes that are willing to offer a non-candy option in addition to the handfuls of candy they will dish out.

    “We are an additional resource and we are here for the entire community, I hope that the residents will take advantage of what we offer, in an effort to bring people together.” says Dewald.

    Pastor Evan would like to invite the entire community to share and celebrate with them at their first service with Pastor Preston on November 3. For more details visit their website at HYPERLINK “http://www.lakeridgecommunity.com” www.lakeridgecommunity.com