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  • Maybe Stampede isn’t the right priority

    I have read Mr. Ladha’s opinion regarding the flood situation in southern Alberta and I take exception to his views. Granted, his is an opinion column and not necessarily a reflection on popular opinion, but I feel compelled to write none-the-less.

    I believe that Mr. Ladha is grossly out of touch with the needs of the community. He mentioned in his column that he was “worried about missing the [aforementioned] event as much as I was concerned about the Calgary Stampede”. Perhaps Mr. Ladha should take stock of his blessings and compare them to the citizens of other flood-stricken communities. The last thing on their mind at this time is a city-wide party.

    Communities in southern Alberta are still reeling from the effects of the largest flood in the Province’s history. There are families that have lost everything, have little to rebuild with, and have no place to go. There are also families dealing with the loss of loved ones and can’t give them a proper funeral until they have their own lives somewhat back in order – a process that will takes several weeks yet.

    The Calgary Stampede is a business, just like any other. Why be so “concerned” with their business? What about the thousands of other businesses that were affected? Where is Mr. Ladha’s concern for them?

    I don’t think a giant drunk-fest party is appropriate at this time, regardless of tradition. Our main focus should be helping our friends and neighbors to rebuild their shattered lives. Parties can happen when we are all in a position to join in.

    Ryan Dowson