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  • New Bike Park Nearing Completion

    Volunteers Help with Construction

    Chestermere Bike Park
    September 28, 2013 - Volunteers spend day to help build the New Chestermere Bike Park. L to R: Ryan Gara; Brandon Johnson; Toby Giles; Sean Grover
    Chestermere Bike Park

    September 28, 2013 – Volunteers spend day to help build the New Chestermere Bike Park. L to R: Ryan Gara; Brandon Johnson; Toby Giles; Sean Grover

    Saturday September 28 was a productive day at the New Chestermere Bike Park, located adjacent to Rainbow Creek Elementary School. The Town of Chestermere Recreational Department organized volunteers in two shifts to help surface the new Pump track which they hope will be completed by the end of October.

    Pump tracks are manmade closed circuits with rollers in between and berms at each end. They are designed to be ridden without pedaling. A full-body workout, riders use their body to pump–or push down into the dip after an elevation and pull up before the crest of a mound–throughout the continuous loop.

    The new family friendly Bike Park is incredibly impressive when you see the size and the amount of planning that has been put into it. It will include obstacles for everyone, from beginner to expert. Professionals from Alpine Bike Parks have been consulted and are assisting with the design and building of Chestermere’s Bike Park which is an asset because they specialize in bike parks and trail development.

    Along with members from the Town’s Parks Department and Jarrett Moore from Alpine Bike Parks; volunteers over the weekend were hand-shaping the pump track, which means adding a surface of engineered soil to the clay base. This will prevent wear and help with drainage.

    The Bike Park will include two other main features. One is the Skills Loop; designed to provide a range of riding experiences to develop riders’ abilities including cornering, negotiating technical tight features, and rolling jumps. And the other is the Flow Trails; which incorporate a variety of trails ranging from relatively gentle tracks for beginners all the way to tracks with sharper turns and narrower treads for the more advanced.

    The area surrounding the tracks will be landscaped with grass and trees, as well as pathways and benches for everyone to enjoy. The Bike Park provides a positive option for children, youth, and parents to use their free time by participating in an active lifestyle.

    According to the Town of Chestermere website, the idea of the Bike Park has been in the works for over 5 years. The YELL (Youth Encouraging Lasting Leadership) Council came up with the plan in 2008 when discussing ideas for recreational opportunities for kids and youth in Chestermere. The Town and RCMP supported this initiative and a Bike Park Committee was formed to help with the project. The committee has worked with the Rotary Club, the Town, and other community groups to raise funds and begin planning the park.

    Jennifer Finnigan, the Community Recreational Coordinator for Community Services is organizing two additional volunteer opportunities to get involved in constructing and finishing the Bike Park. On Saturday, October 19 & 27 they will be looking for more volunteers to come out and help. To register, call Jennifer at 403-207-7028 or email her at jfinnigan@chestermere.ca.

    For more information and updates on the bike park you can visit the Town of Chestermere website at www.chestermere.ca.