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  • Questions about use of tax dollars

    Just read Michael’s letter to the Anchor. He had a lot of valid points that we are not getting the best service for our tax dollars. I have a couple of questions. Why are we paying for storm water, God put it there in the form of rain, snow etc. not me? But I pay. Why is there a charge on my tax bill with the money going to the WID? I don’t live on the Lake or near it. Don’t use the lake or the Parks either. Let the lake owners pay the fee for the town picking up the weeds they put out from the lake. The town doesn’t come by and pick my grass clippings. Bike Park another park to waste our taxes on, we have pathways all over this town for people to ride their bikes I have been around the lake many times on my bike to name just one place you can ride. Why hire a Development officer when usually in most cases council turns down their recommendations for approval. Ah council knows better so they like to think. The Mayor is full time let her take on this task. The CUI why are we paying hundreds of thousands dollar for executive to head this up, when we used have town staff do all the billing. Oh I guess they have to negotiate with Calgary for the rates. But that is not what happens Calgary set the rates what they want and we pay it. Same for garbage collection. Snow removal, I live along Merganser West, there are day whether we have snow or not the plows are buzzing along this pathway, when about only 8 to 10 people walk along all day. But the roads inside the subdivisions never get plowed, and people are left to slip and slide their way out and in. Amenities I wont even get started on this.