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  • Registry office approved for Chestermere

    Government is looking for innovation and creativity in Request for Proposals

    On October 24, the Alberta Government announced it has approved a registry agent office for Chestermere to provide better access to motor vehicle, corporate registry, vital statistics and other services to area residents.
    In a totally unique process which will be a first of its kind, the Government of Alberta will be accepting competitive Requests for Proposal (RFP) opportunities which is open to all Albertans.
    Individuals looking to submit a RFP will have to include a business plan that answers what they are willing to contribute to Alberta for the right to offer this service in Chestermere.
    According to Manmeet Bhullar, Minister of Service Alberta, the government is looking for innovation. “This is a chance to get people thinking about providing creative solutions that will put Chestermere residents first,” said the Minister, during a telephone interview.
    Bhullar added that in this new approach to the RFP competitive process; which is similar to what his government uses in regards to land sales, the applicants will have to show what they are willing to pay and what value they place on this opportunity. In other words, they wants to know what this opportunity means to the applicant and how tax payers will be compensated in the process.
    “We want to see innovation; for example, perhaps there is a way to offer further competitive fees or more convenient business hours for the public,” said Bhullar. “These are the type of factors we will take into consideration when making our decision.”
    The minister of Service Alberta wanted to also add that he has heard from many Chestermere residents and interested parties in regards to a registry office within this community and he would like to thank everyone for their support and feedback.
    Requests for Proposals are typically open for anywhere from 30-60 days. Bhullar says that Chestermere residents can expect the successful bidder to be chosen quite quickly and the new registry office to be open by spring of 2014.