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  • We need a more cooperative rec plan

    Dear Editor,
    Re: Recreation Open House March 22 2013
    I felt sad after looking at the displays in the CRCA hall regarding the future of recreation facilities in Chestermere.

    What made me sad was the lack of an overall plan for recreation in my community, and instead two groups seemingly vying for my support of their project. The town with their display of the findings of the recent survey and the Chestermere Regional Recreation/Ag Board with their plan for upgrading the existing surrounds and building in which this very open house was held. What confusion! Most visitors did not know that the land we were standing on is owned by Rocky View County–not the Town of Chestermere!

    Hello Town Council and Mayor Patricia, hello Rocky View, hello CRCA Board–can you not all work together for us to find a way for either the Town to own the property on which this rec building sits ( what municipality has an island of another in its midst?) or maybe joint ownership with Rocky View County? Then we don’t have to be confused and sad and the recreation plan for Chestermere can be a cooperative one, under one umbrella, that acknowledges the needs of Chestermere citizens and Rocky View County citizens who would all benefit from use of a first class facility–not two facilities run by different authorities each working away in their own silos. And I’ll bet in the long run, it would be a cheaper alternative.

    Jen Peddlesden